Message from the Executive Chairman
“Firm Foundation, Future Focused"

Commonwealth Bank celebrated its 50th anniversary a few short years ago while at the same time our country was preparing for its 40th year of independence. There are parallels of the continuing success associated with the passing of the years for Commonwealth Bank and the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Each year has allowed for the expansion and creation of the building blocks necessary to create a Firm Foundation that is also, Future Focused.
William B. Sands, Jr.
Executive Chairman, Commonwealth Bank

The foundation that has been created and continually reinforced over the years is the safe and sound application of its business model. This cornerstone of the business model and strategic direction has been based on Commonwealth Bank’s commitment to Bahamians and knowing what works in the Bahamas for Bahamians. The Bank has always taken a conservative approach to the way it manages its business activities making decisions based on common sense and focusing its strategies on products and services it knows and understands.

Time does not stand still. The complexity of banking and the needs of banking services and products for Bahamians are also ever increasing. The foundation that Commonwealth Bank has put in place over the years will allow us to continue to build and expand on this foundation in a safe and sound manner while at the same time servicing our customers, stakeholders and the communities in the manner they have come to expect.

The continued success of Commonwealth Bank will remain dependent on the ongoing dedication of many people. Their support and guidance has contributed to the many building blocks that form the Firm Foundation of the Bank and their continuing support will allow the Bank to be Future Focused in a safe, transparent and sound manner.

Commonwealth Bank looks forward to the future and the opportunity to expand its firm foundation and its ongoing support of Bahamians and their communities.