Real Estate

Secure your property today; build your dream home later!

Our loan approval process to purchase real estate is straightforward and efficient. If you are considering investing in real estate, we are here…ready and waiting to help.

Our features allow you to select a loan to meet your individual needs.

If you are eighteen years or older, stably employed with a minimum of two years on your current job, and fall within the Bank’s credit requirements, we can accommodate your loan up to 90% based on the cost of the land with a maximum term of 15 years based on the value of the property.

To more readily assist our Customer Service Representatives; please bring in the relevant items from the following list:

Job Letter
First four pages of Passport
National Insurance Card
Bank Reference Letter
Marriage Certificate
Purchase Agreement
Appraisal of property within last twelve months
Statement of service charges
Annual Life Insurance Policy (if over $30,000)

Getting Started
To find out more about our Real Estate Financing visit any of our convenient locations in New Providence, Grand Bahama or Abaco or simply call the branch nearest to you.

Questions or need help?

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