Commonwealth Bank announces $50K donation to the Bahamas Red Cross

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Commonwealth Bank is proud to announce a $50,000 donation to the Bahamas Red Cross to assist with relief efforts in those Family Islands impacted by Hurricane Joaquin.

“Like all Bahamians we were deeply moved by the devastation suffered by our brothers and sisters in the southern islands,” said Commonwealth Bank President Ian Jennings. “Commonwealth Bank has a long history of partnering with the Red Cross in bringing relief to hurricane victims. Our focus and efforts now have to be on helping those persons rebuild their lives.”

Cabinet ministers, Commonwealth Bank president message to parents: ‘Get involved in your child’s education, success is a family matter’

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For the sixth consecutive year, Cabinet ministers, education officials and Commonwealth Bank joined forces September 12 to present a parenting forum ushering in the new school year but this year the message was stronger than ever – if you want your children to succeed in school, you must get involved. Success, they said, was a family matter.

Commonwealth Bank Announces 10-year $500,000 pledge donation to the Cancer Caring Centre

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In an impassioned presentation flanked by cancer survivors including members of its own staff, Commonwealth Bank announced today that it would make the greatest contribution to the fight against cancer in its history – a 10-year, $500,000 pledge to the Cancer Caring Centre.

The announcement was made by bank President Ian Jennings during a press conference at Commonwealth Bank’s headquarters, Mackey Street.

Overwhelming response to Commonwealth Bank’s Cable Beach Branch Saturday banking opening

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Six years after introducing Saturday banking at one of its branches, Commonwealth Bank opened its
sixth branch to six-day banking and the crowd that turned out to celebrate reaffirmed the extra day at the
new Cable Beach location was exactly what they wanted. Customers lined up before doors opened at 10 am
and continued to overflow the parking area during the mini Auto Extravaganza after the bank closed at 1 pm.

Commonwealth Bank pirates pedal 250 miles

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The CB Pirates, a l-O-member cycling team, pedaled a combined total of 250 miles raising $3,000 during the ninth annual Ride for Hope (R4H) biking event held in New Providence. The ride is held annually to raise funds to aid the fight against cancer.

The Commonwealth Bank team, a green sponsor of the ride, headed to the starting line with the plan of biking 20 miles each as they were originally signed up for, but once at the location and with the excitement swirling, the Pirates added an additional five miles to their overall goal.

Commonwealth Bank matches staff donations for double cheer helping to feed and find gifts for hundreds

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Thousands of persons who might have gone hungry or been forgotten over the holidays enjoyed hot meals and home-wrapped gifts, thanks to the generosity of Commonwealth Bank’s management and staff who joined hearts and hands to bring more for those who have least.

“The idea began two years ago when staff members came to us and said they wanted to raise funds to bring joy to the less fortunate over the holidays and they would be willing to reach into their own pockets to do so,” said Ian Jennings, President. “We were so moved by their caring spirit thatwe responded without hesitation: ‘Whatever you raise, we’ll match,’ and it’s grown from there.”

MasterCard/SunCard to launch joint card, coup for Commonwealth Bank

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More than a quarter century after Commonwealth Bank introduced the first Bahamian dollar credit card, the Bank announced today it will marry that card with the strength and loyalty programs of MasterCard for what it expects to be a priceless experience.

“We are very pleased to announce that effective June 16, the new co-branded SunCard MasterCard will be available to Commonwealth Bank customers,” said Ian Jennings, President. “It is a testament to the strength and stability of Commonwealth Bank and the reputation of SunCard that MasterCard has come on board for this partnership which is actually a triangle of respected brands – Commonwealth Bank, SunCard and MasterCard.”

Commonwealth Bank Oakes Field Branch on schedule to open late January  

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Commonwealth Bank Limited announced today its Oakes Field branch is on schedule to re‐open in late January following a $2.1 million renovation, repair and expansion that is adding nearly 50% square footage to the bank’s busiest branch.

Bank executives credit CGT Construction with “keeping the job on track” following the contract signing in early August when the contractor pledged to aim for a 26‐week construction timeline, noting that the job would create 30‐40 additional temporary jobs.

Bank matches donation Commonwealth Bank staff reach into pockets, touch hearts

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It began with a simple plea from Anthea Cox, vice president of human resources at Commonwealth Bank – let’s reach into our own pockets and raise funds to make life a little brighter for the less fortunate. The hint caught on with the instant popularity of new Beyonce release. Staff donations poured in. Executive management threw out a challenge—raise a minimum of $5,500 ‐‐ $10 per person for every single employee in the Commonwealth Bank family ‐‐ and we will match whatever
you raise. By the time it was over, an idea born out of wanting to help the less fortunate had turned into a reality, raising $11,200, enough to help The Salvation Army and Great Commission Ministries feed hundreds of people and provide food packages to go.