CRIF Credit Bureau of The Bahamas

The CRIF Credit Bureau has been present in Bahamas since 2020, with the objective of providing a world-class credit bureau and related added-value services in the Bahamas. After obtaining the license in 2019 from the Central Bank of the Bahamas to operate a full file (positive and negative data) credit bureau in The Bahamas, it began operations in 2021.

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As a duly licensed credit bureau, in The Bahamas CRIF collects credit information from the Credit Reporting Act authorized Credit Information Providers (CIP’s), such as banks, credit unions, building societies, micro finance organizations, etc.; the information is then validated and transformed into factual and usable credit reports. These credit reports are then used by credit grantors and other approved users to assess an individual’s or company’s credit worthiness for loans, mortgages and a variety of other uses within the purview of the Credit Reporting Act 2018.

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