Visa Debit Card


COMMONWEALTH BANK Visa Debit Card is the bank’s newest card product that allows you to shop online, pay bills, and make purchases over the phone . The card can be used in millions of retail outlets and at more than 1.9 million ATMs worldwide where the Visa Logo is displayed.

Our Visa Debit cards are available to Personal and Business current account customers. The new Visa Debit card allows you to access money from your Current Account wherever you are in the world: in shops, at ATMs and online, wherever you see the Visa logo displayed. Visa Debit Card provides real advantage over the standard ATM card for everyday purchases and lots more.


Visa Debit offers you more benefits, greater convenience and more security and protection.

Benefits for you:

  • Greater worldwide acceptance
  • Wider online acceptance
  • Greater convenience when you shop
  • Verified by Visa – great security online
  • Greater consumer protection
  • Use your own money linked to your deposit account wherever you are.
  • Allows online purchase, in-store and by phone
  • Just swipe and sign for your in-store transactions local or international.
  • Access cash at ATMs here overseas.
  • Allows bill  payments using the card number.
  • Allows you to transfer funds via COMMONWEALTH BANK .
  • Enjoys Visa’s security and worldwide card acceptance.
  • Balance Inquiry