Commonwealth Bank Makes 1st of 2 Major Donations, $100,000 to Bahamas Red Cross

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Days after Hurricane Dorian slammed into The Bahamas leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, Commonwealth Bank donated $100,000 to the Bahamas Red Cross to assist with hurricane relief efforts.

“Like all Bahamians, we at Commonwealth Bank are deeply moved and saddened by the devastation suffered by our brothers and sisters in the north. We are humbled by the task ahead – and inspired by our country’s traditions of generosity in times of need. This storm has touched every person in the country to some degree.  In times of hardship, Bahamians come together.  We recover and rebuild as a nation because we reach out to help our neighbors”, said Raymond Winder, President of Commonwealth Bank.

Mr. Winder’s heartfelt remarks came during a press conference at the Bahamas Red Cross headquarters, September 4. This was the third time that Commonwealth Bank came to the aid of the Red Cross in a major way; having donated the same amount, $100,000, for both Hurricanes Joaquin and Matthew.

Commonwealth Bank recognizes and applauds the Bahamas Red Cross for its untiring efforts, to meet the immediate needs of individuals displaced by Hurricane Dorian; some of which are CB family members. Their passionate commitment to the people of The Bahamas is unquestionable and their dedication is admirable.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families and we will do all we can to continue to assist these communities.  To this end, Commonwealth Bank has opened a Bahamas Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for persons wishing to donate.  

Commonwealth Bank has an extensive corporate giving program including scholarships, humanitarian relief, youth development, health initiatives, sports and education. With more than 6,500 shareholders, Commonwealth Bank has 550+ employees and operates branches in New Providence, Abaco, Spanish Wells and Grand Bahama. For more information, please visit

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