Student Savings Account

Commonwealth Bank Students Account

At Commonwealth Bank we are making it really easy for kids to save for the future with our Student Savings Account.

Designed for younger savers who are 17 years old and under, a CB Student Savings Account is a smart and convenient way for parents to save for their children’s future and has an added benefit of teaching kids good money habits early for a lifetime of SMART SAVING$.

Just a small weekly provision placed in this account and it can be the sound foundation that could make your child financially secure and responsible when it’s time to go to college or move into the work force.

The earlier you get your child started on saving, the better.

  • Students can open an account for as little as $10.00
  • Unlimited teller transactions
  • Interest compounded daily
  • Savings passbook allow students to see how their funds are growing and earning interest
  • Free Online Banking means students and parents alike have convenient 24 hour access to your account
  • Anyone can deposit funds to the account

Open a STUDENT SAVINGS ACCOUNT today and watch as your kids become SAVING SAVVY!